Spring is here and our female minds start turning to bikini season... How much weight do I need to lose? How many inches do I need to shed? How many crunches? How many squats? I am here to say, Loud & Proud, Forgeddaboutit!

Beauty is an illusion. Period. There is no such thing as bikini-perfect unless you have nothing better to do than spend hours upon hours in the gym 7 days a week. Lets be real for a second... Who has the time for that?!? In an article from the New York Times, entitled "Bikini-Ready? Who's Judging?" there's reference to a "boot camp."

Amansala, a “bikini boot camp,” in Ibiza, Spain, and Tulum, Mexico, sells six-night stays starting at $1,875

Tell me what kind of woman has this kind of time OR this kind of money?! The article goes on to highlight the attitude of one Ms Malia Mills, a 44 year old swimsuit designer who's motto is "Love Thy Differences"...

Not all women let the camera-phone-wielding bikini police (or their own self-criticism) stop them from enjoying a two-piece. Ms. Mills calls this type a “good-attitude girl.”

“She is a phenomenon and totally inspiring,” she said. “She is of any age, any body, she has a totally great attitude, because she has had a come-to-Jesus moment with her body.”

So my Spring/Summer challenge to you? Be the "Good-attitude girl"! Be comfortable with who YOU are! It's what makes us individual. It's what makes us unique, and it's what makes us extraordinary!

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