If you are afraid of spiders this may not be a video you want to see (Rob), but if you're up for a bit of excitement, take a look!


It's Sunday, and that means that I am sitting on the couch with my feet propped up while I randomly surf the internet and watch reruns of some of my favorite shows (since I recently got cable!) One of the new favorites in the house is Ridiculousness with Rob Dyrdek. Essentially it's like watching America's Funniest Videos - for Grown-ups.

I had a really good laugh over one video in particular - a dad hands the camera over to his little girl, who is warning him to be careful, while he climbs a ladder and tries to capture an exceptionally large spider in a plastic bowl. I am not going to lie. This made my skin crawl more than a little! I just want to know - what the heck this guy was going to do with this spider once he had it in the bowl and pressed to the ceiling?! I really like how the little girl tells him, "I told you not to play with spiders."