While The Rob, Big Boy and I were out at Central High School for the MDA Muscle Walk over the weekend, one of the guitarist with The Jimmies was there performing acoustically. If you've never seen the Jimmies before, they are really great! I've actually performed with them once... We'll get to that in a minute.

So while filming our guitar playing friend, as he performs a lovely selection from The Plain White T's, I look over and I see our very own Big Boy sitting on the corner of the stage, singing along. I couldn't help but capture it on video!

I ♥ Big Boy! He always makes me laugh!

Now, I mentioned that I have performed with The Jimmies... When I say performed, what I really mean is that they asked me up on stage to sing a song. Now, I love to karaoke, but I had never, EVER sang with a LIVE band! It was definitely an experience to say the least. It's not that great, but I had fun doing it. I got to sing one of my all time favorite songs!