Last night I received a panicked facebook message from a friend of The Rob who was unable to reach him. He was suppose to be at their house at 7pm... Rob is NEVER late! So of course, I was worried. I tried to call Rob, but it went straight to voicemail. Sooo... I texted Big Boy... No reply. I called Big Boy... went straight to voicemail. OK! I'm thinking, "What's going on?"

Ultimately, after a few facebook messages, some phone calls, and Rob's friend driving to his apartment complex, unsure of which unit Rob actually lives in, we find out that Rob had just fallen asleep! Whew!! Rob is ALIVE!

In the process of this whole ordeal, poor Big Boy was freaking out! He even started to cry at one point as he was searching facebook to make sure that there weren't any accidents in the vicinity of Rob's apartment! This morning on The Rob's Radio Show, Big Boy publicly eulogized The Rob, and I caught it on film!!