I am so sick and tired of rich and famous people trying to act like they're "JUST LIKE THE REST OF US"! What's the use in being rich and famous if you're gonna try and act ordinary!

In her recent PAY PER VIEW interview with Oprah, Beyonce confesses that she want people to thinks she's just as ordinary as everyone else, with flaws, insecurities, and personal issues. Well, sorry to break it to you Bey-, YOU'RE NOT!

It always kills me how famous people will brag on how they've spent their whole lives trying to get where they are, and how they deserve it, only to turn around and try to act like they're just like they rest of us. Mitt Romney tried the same tactic in his presidential campaign and you see how well THAT worked out!

The whole reason we like you Beyonce is BECAUSE you're not like the rest of us! It take a certain kind of narcissism to a multi-platinum selling, multi-millionaire entertainer! You've have to be able to stand out and not crack under the pressure of thousand of people looking at you at the same time!

In her interview, Beyonce says she OBSESSES about her image... and wants to be taken seriously as an artist. Well, DUHHHHH! That's what being a superstar is all about. We don't WANT to see the BORING parts of your life in an attempt to make you see more "down-to-earth"!

To the next rich famous person that complains about the stresses of BEING rich and famous, give ME all you money and you can be as ORDINARY as you wanna be!