What may seem like Facebook having your best interest in mind turns out to be something completely different.

One of my co-workers at 99.5 WKDQ received the message below on her Facebook account, took a screen capture and sent it to our computer-guru guy.

After some investigation, he came to the conclusion that it wasn't a legit message from Mark Zuckerberg or one of his underlings, but a phishing scam-slash-hijacking attempt at her account. He made the point that Facebook would send any type of security issue with your account directly to the e-mail address you use to login, not to your account itself. He also noted the "funky 'c' in 'Facebook Security'" and the "funky 'f' in 'Facebook' in the From: field."

The other dead giveaway? The fact that whoever sent this message wants you to click a link that has no mention of Facebook in it. If you see this message, delete it immediately.