The best places for outdoor fun in Evansville are so much fun! They really attract people to our city and if you live here and haven't been to these top places, you need to go out and explore them a little.

Evansville Riverfront

You can take a stroll on the river and enjoy the beautiful sites of our downtown. Also even learn some historical facts posted all along the river. If you even need to relax, the river is a great place to do so. Take a seat on one of the comfortable benches and enjoy your time being there.


Burdette Park

Burdette Park is fun for everyone, family and friends. It's a great time to do some swimming and soak of some of the sun rays. It is very clean and beautiful blue water surrounding the water park. They even have a lot of great slides to go down. If your worried about your kiddos coming here, dont! They have a wonderful baby pool for the kids to enjoy along with the parents. Don't worry about bringing food, because they have a delicious concesion stand.


Kids Kingdom

Kids Kingdom is a great place to bring your kids. They can really enjoy themselves and go down a quick slide or sit on the wonderful swings. Kids Kingdom even looks like a castle, so the kids will really enjoy this thinking they are in their own castle. It's a great place for kids to play and a great place accomidated for the parents as well!


Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden

Our local Zoo is a amazing place to see what types of animals we have around the world. We have exotic animals to the everyday animal. The Zoo is very large and a good place to have fun! The Zoo has tons of animals to look at and this could be an all day event looking at all the animals the Zoo has to offer. You can even feed some of the animals if you desire to do so. It's a great place for the family, friends, and kids. It is a great place Evansville has to offer.


Walther's Golf-N-Fun Center

If you like to play golf of some games, you will love Walther's Golf-N-Fun Center. They have a great outdoor and indoor golf course that takes  you around the entire building. It is a love of fun to play a game of golf. They even offer plenty of games insides along with food. It is quite a good time for anyone who comes out.


These are our top 5 outdoor areas for fun in Evansville. Take a day off and try and enjoy some of these wonderful places and appreciate what your town has to offer! Enjoy the summer weather and these top 5 places.