I'm lucky if I even get one iPad (which isn't going to happen! haha) but some lucky Best Buy shoppers were sent 5 iPads by mistake! That's like a $2,500 mistake!

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Best Buy customer Alexa had ordered one iPad and a box of five iPads showed up on her doorstep.  I didn't know this, but it is completely legal for you to keep anything that is sent to you no matter if you paid for it or not.  This is to keep retailers from sending you unwanted items.   Through the website the Consumerist Alexa contacted Best Buy and here is what she received:

Good afternoon, Alexa –

Laura, from the Consumerist, contacted us here at Best Buy on your behalf. First and foremost, I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your honesty. That is so rare in this day and age and I sincerely thank you!

We, here at Best Buy, acknowledge that we obviously made a mistake, but in the spirit of the holidays, we encourage you to keep the additional iPads and give them to people in need – friends, family, a local school or charity.

I have not shared this resolution with Laura, as you are the customer, but it is up to you if want to let her know the outcome of your discussion.

Thank you so very much for coming forward and I hope your boyfriend enjoys his new iPad. Merry Christmas!


So woah! Best Christmas gift ever!! This kind of turns out to be a win/win for everyone, Best Buy gets awesome publicity, and Alexa gets 4 extra iPads. According to the Consumerist Alexa isn't the only one this has happened to.  A man wrote into the consumerist saying the exact same thing happened to him!