There's a constant battle of the sexes going on, and I want your opinion on a few things. 

It's hot outside, and everyone is trying to find new ways to cool off.   For some guys that way is shaving their chests, so i want to know what you think. Shaved chests Hot or Not?

Alright ladies, you've had your turn, it's the guys turn now.   Fake baking (AKA tanning)Hot or Not?

Ladies, round two! Beards, Hot or Not?

Gentlemen it's your round two!  She eats wings, and drinks beer, Hot or Not?


Alright Ladies! It's time for the third and final round! He has tattoos.  Hot or Not?

Final round, guys! She has tattoos.  Hot or Not?

Let me know if you enjoyed this battle of the sexes, and if you'd like to see more posts like this!  Also, I want to know what are somethings that I didn't include, that you find either extremely hot or extremely disgusting?! Comment below or let me know via Facebook!