It seems that every year when my family and I head down to the Evansville Riverfront for the annual fireworks extravaganza, I notice a airplane flying through the display at some point in time. While its high enough in the air to not be in any danger, I always wonder what the view is like from up there. Since I have no plans to be flying on this or any 4th of July, I'll just have to rely on this video.

The concept is pretty simple, a guy mounts a camera on balloons and sends it up into the sky. To keep it from floating away, he tethers the balloon to the ground with some kind of strap or rope and controls the camera remotely from the ground. Now all that's left to do is light the fuses.

I think this video would have been cooler had it been shot at night, but it does provide a unique perspective of a fireworks display that many of us will probably not have the opportunity to see.