I caught my 8-year-old using the "H" word while playing one of his video games and when I asked him what he said, he cleaned it up REAL fast and said "Heck Daddy, I said heck"! I couldn't get TOO mad at him because I know he's heard me yelling profanities at the screen while playing my PS3! I just gave him my LOOK and told him to watch his mouth next time!

I remember the first time I was caught using a swear word. I was in second grade and a little girl in my class had taken one of the art supplies I wanted to use. I was SO mad, I blurted out the "B" word, snatched to art brush out of her hand, and turned right around into my second grade teacher, Mrs. Smith looking at me with a stare that could have burned through steel! She told my big brother when he came to pick me up, and he promised not to tell my mother as long as I promised not to say it again.

Have you ever caught your child using a bad word? When was the first time YOU got caught using them? Leave your answers in the comment box!