Few things set me off, and animal abuse is one of them.  I have a dog, and she is the sweetest and most loving being, and I just don't understand how anyone could ever intentionally harm an animal.   I recently found a LOCAL and new animal rescue, it's called Bullie Nation Rescue, and I recently read a story on there that just broke my heart beyond belief. 

What is Bullie Nation Rescue you ask?

Bringing an Understanding of Love, Loyalty, Intelligence, and Equality is B.U.L.L.I.E Nation Rescue

This is how they describe themselves on their Facebook page

B.U.L.L.I.E. Nation Rescue is a non-profit, all volunteer-based, no-kill organization whose primary focus is to find responsible, loving, and permanent homes for abandoned, neglected, surrendered, and/or abused dogs in and around the Vanderburgh County, Indiana area. While we concentrate on the “bully” breeds, we will not discriminate a dog in need based on the dog’s breed, age, or health. We believe all dogs deserve a second chance, and the dogs accepted into our program will be placed into loving and caring foster homes. All dogs that go through our program will be spayed/neutered. We will strive to educate the community on proper canine care and responsible pet ownership. We will rescue as many dogs as possible based on our available resources, focusing on quality over quantity."

So far I've been following them on Facebook and they're just an incredible organization.  Now let me tell you about a recent rescue, his name is Lazarus and he has just broken my heart and I want to help him so badly.   Lazarus was recently rescued by Bullie Nation and is looking for a full time foster home.  He was starved, abused, and had his ears cut off.  He has a long hard road ahead of him, but the outlook is promising.  He has the sweetest face I've ever seen! If you could help him in any way even a $1 donation, you should check out their page and look at all the pictures of him, seriously that face will just melt your freaking heart!