Turns out, there's other REALLY cool things turning 30 this year besides me!

So, as Kat and Chandelle are MORE than happy to tell you, today is my 30th birthday :(  And how am I spending my big day??  Well, I'm here at my laptop blogging!  I discovered that I wasn't the only awesome thing invented in 1983...  So here are some cool things that, like me, are turning 30 this year!  (Thanks to Mental Floss for most of these)

The Chicken McNugget: I've eaten at least 1,000,000 of these over the past 30 years.

D.A.R.E.: The Drug Abuse Resistance Education worked for me...  30 years, drug free!

Swatch Watches: While Swatch watches are cool, I'm more of a Rolex man myself.

Weird Al Yankovich's Career: One of my favorite musicians released his first album as I was beginning life.

The Internet: My preferred method of viewing dirty movies is the same age as me!

The Moonwalk:  Listeners know how important Michael Jackson and his Moonwalk are to me...  Like me, it debuted in 1983!

Plinko: Clearly the best game on The Price is Right was in conception about the same time I was!

Star Wars - Return of the Jedi: Little known fact, I have never seen this or any Star Wars movie.

The Minivan: Despite being born in 1983, my mother did not give birth to the Minivan...  Dodge did.

Mario Bros.: Another one that listeners/friends of mine know I have a deep affection for.

Hooters: Also born in 1983!  I do NOT want to see those original waitresses today!

The Home Video Camera: Sony created the first Home Video Recorder as my parents were creating me!

AOL, the Apple IIE Computer, and the Internet...  ALL born in 1983!

Cabbage Patch Kids: I'm going to be dolls, those ugly dolls kinda scared me.

The Disney Channel: Despite being more of Nickelodeon kid, I have very positive memories of the Disney Channel during the first 1/3 of my life.

Reading Rainbow and the A-Team: Sadly, I've seen more episodes of Reading Rainbow than I have of the A-Team.

J. Crew: Like me, still popular 30 years later.

The Stairmaster: This fashionable piece of exercise equipment is still keeping booties looking fine!

Care Bears: I LOVED these cute lil animated bears as a kid.

My Little Pony: Another franchise that still exists today.

And finally, I am as old as Microsoft Word: The program I am currently typing this blog on!