I've never heard of Hahn Super Dry, but after watching this award-winning commercial, I'm willing to give it a try. Truth be told, I'm willing to try pretty much anything with barley and hops in it.

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity (the same Cannes famous for the annual film festival), bills itself as "the most prestigious international creative communications awards" (the French have never been one's for modesty). Each year, more than 28,000 entries from around the world are put on display for the chance at taking home a Gold Lion trophy. As you've probably already figured out, the commercial below was one of those winners.

Before we get to the spot itself, let me say that beer commercials, especially the funny one's, are some of the best commercials on television. They do a great job of getting you to remember the brand by using humor to make the image of a good time stick in your head.

This one falls into that category. There's no dialogue, just the original Knight Rider theme as viewers follow the barley and hops through a gauntlet of manliness which includes being beaten by hammers wielded by Thor-wannabes, watching 1970's-era martial arts flicks, and being poured over a variety of sports trophy's as it's transformed into apparently great tasting beer.

Take a look and tell me your mouth doesn't drool just a little.