I'm pretty sure this is some form of child abuse...

(Melissa Awesome Present/106.1 KISS FM)

I feel like from the time I was like 10 until I was like 18 I just was a whole mess of awkward.  haha I had like an 8 year awkward phase.  But I found this picture, and no only was it a photo my mom paid to have taken, it was one of those stupid old western style photos, where they make you wear ugly clothes, and hold a gun or dynamite (like what's in my hand).  My mom actually PAID for this. The girl in the photo with me is Audra, I don't remember how old we were in this picture, but we were pretty young.  We had this taken at Six Flags in St. Louis a loooooong time ago!

If you have any awful pictures that your parents paid for I'd love to see them! Send them to me on the Facebook page Facebook.com/1061evansville

So here you have it, another awkward photo from depths of Melissa Awesome's awkward phase from hell.

(Melissa Awesome/106.1 KISS FM)