I don't know if I'm just in a mood these days or what, but I've stumbled across something else that goes on here at the station that just flat out bugs me and it occurs in the men's restroom.

Take a look at the picture above. Notice anything? Look closely. See the light reflecting on the counter top? It's reflecting off the pool of water that surrounds the sink. How it gets there is beyond me. My guess is that the guys working in our building are either violently shaking the excess water off their hands before grabbing a towel, or cupping water in their hands and just dumping it onto the counter top like children.

Regardless of how it gets there, what I find more mind blowing is the fact that either no one else sees it, or they do and choose to do nothing about it. This is not just a little water, mind you. If you squat down a bit and put the edge of the counter top at eye level, the water is actually standing there waiting for one more drop to push it over the edge and onto the floor.

Guess how long it takes me to grab some paper towels out of the dispenser hanging on the wall literally less than foot away. Go ahead guess. If you said any length of time longer than 15 seconds, you'd be wrong.

(Ryan O'Bryan / 106-1 KISS-FM)

I'm not the most organized or cleanest person in the world. As you can see, the desk in my office has its fair share of papers strewn about. I try to keep them in somewhat neat piles the best I can, but sometimes things just get tossed onto the pile and there they sit until the day comes where I get irritated enough to straighten up. Actually seeing this picture makes me realize it's probably time to organize a bit.

What's the difference you ask? Standing water around the bathroom sink bugs me and piles of paper on my desk don't. So yes, it's all about me. Beyond that, there is a legit difference. Not everyone uses my desk and my office. It's mine, if I choose for it to look used, that's my choice. The bathroom is a different story. All the guys use it, and to me it's just a nice gesture to clean up after yourself, that's all.