For those who enjoy giving time, money, or both to good causes and are maybe a bit "out there", this Saturday's Polar Plunge for Special Olympics is the best of both worlds!

Polar Plunges take place all over the country and are primarily used as a fundraising event for Special Olympics. In Canada and the Netherlands, they've do it as part of their New Year's Day festivities.

I would have loved to been a fly on the wall when the concept of diving into icy cold water in the middle of the winter was first suggested.

"Let's do something crazy today! Who has an idea?"

"We could jump in a lake."

"Good Lord man! It's the dead of winter! We could die of hypothermia."


<long pause> "I LOVE IT! LET"S GO!!"

I imagine the same people who first developed this idea were old rich guys who had grown tired of big game hunting and picking their teeth with toothpicks made from the tusks of elephants they had killed whilst on safari.

Wherever or however it was developed, someone along the line had the brilliant idea of tying it to Special Olympics had using the event as an annual fundraiser. There's still time to get involved in this year's event at Scales Lake in Boonville. To find out how you and your friends can be a part of the fun and help raise money for this worth while cause, visit the Special Olympics website or call 812-897-5539.