I have never hidden from the fact that I am a HUGE video game fan.  I was two years old when the original Nintendo was released in 1985, and I can't remember a time before I played games.  Some of my favorites include anything with The Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Resident Evil.


Absent from this list is Angry Birds.  I've tried it once, and I understand its appeal to people who don't like "real" video games, but it's not very fun for me.  It's simplicity, accessibility, ease of entry, and low price point has actually made the game the most sold game of all-time!


This week, Angry Birds sold its 500,000,000th copy of the digitally downloadable game, making it the most purchased video game in history.  Of course, this figure can be very misleading, as it is not the most PLAYED or SUCCESSFUL video game of all-time, but it is the most SOLD.


Angry Birds is available on nearly every electronic device that can connect to the internet.  Cell phones, PlayStation 3, X Box 360, computers, iPads, etc...  And it typically sells for under $3.00, whereas traditional video games sell for closer to $60.00.  Here is a list of the other most-sold video games, and the tricks they used to get there.


#2 Wii Sports.  Everybody you know owns this game, and that's because everybody you know owns a Wii.  Up until earlier this year, Wii Sports came included with every Wii system sold.


#3 Super Mario Bros.  Go to any used media store, tell me if you see any Nintendo game more frequently than the original "Mario."  Not only was it packed in with the original Nintendo for over 5 years, you can also download it for $5.00 on the Wii, Nintendo DS, and the 3DS.


#4. Pokemon. Pokemon is an insanely popular video game franchize in both America and Asia among both young children and adults.  But not only that, Pokemon's catch phrase reads "Gotta Catch 'Em All!"  And the only way to do that, is to actually purchase TWO copies of the same game, a Red and Blue version.  They were basically the same game with a few minor changes and a slightly altered roster of digital characters.


#5 Tetris. Tetris is another one of those games that "everybody has played."  If it didn't come pre-installed on your phone or computer, you probably have played this game on Nintendo's GameBoy.  It came packaged with Nintendo's most-sold console (that's not a typo) for many years.  You can even play the game on calculators!