The campaign kicks off this Saturday at the annual “Fido Walk, Rock & Run” at the Vanderburgh Humane Society on Evansville's north side where one lucky recycler will win $100 in pet food.

"Cans for Pets", an initiative sponsored by the Alcoa Foundation looks to increase the number of aluminum pet food cans recycled, a "win-win for everyone involved,” according to Alcoa’s Director of Corporate Communications, Kevin Lowery. “Dogs and cats get to enjoy their favorite meals, pet lovers get a chance to keep empty aluminum pet food cans out of local landfills, and the Vanderburgh Humane Society receives a nickel for every aluminum pet food can collected as part of this project.”

After kicking off Saturday, the campaign will continue during the months ahead. Individuals interested in participating can drop off clean, empty aluminum pet food cans at the Vanderburgh Humane Society, 400 Millner Industrial Dr., during operating hours. The Alcoa Foundation will donate 5 cents per can collected to the organization.

“The Cans for Pets program is an exciting way for residents of Evansville and surrounding communities to support homeless animals while helping the environment,” said Kendall Paul, Vanderburgh Humane Society Executive Director. “If we work together we can help thousands of pets while making a lasting difference for this community.”

According to an industry survey, the recycling rates for aluminum pet food cans is significantly less than that of aluminum beverage cans: a 20% rate for pet food cans vs 65% rate for beverage cans.

For information, visit or call the Vanderburgh Humane Society at 812-426-2563.

To learn more about Saturday's "Fido Walk, Rock, & Run", visit the Vanderburgh Humane Society Facebook page.