If you have cats in your home, and you want to give them a special treat, grow some cat grass for them.

Sophe says "Grow cat grass for me, please." Kat Mykals/KISS-FM

Cat grass is a great treat for your kitties. Unlike catnip, it won't make them act silly or strange. In fact, cat grass is very good for kitty's digestive tract. I picked up a packet of seeds locally (you can order them online too) and planted them in small pots outside.  Since my cats are strictly indoors, I wanted to be able to bring the cat grass inside for them to nibble on. Having more than one pot growing at a time, enabled me to be able to have one pot inside and one pot outside to get the full sun it needs. When the grass grows to about 4-6 inches is when it is ready for "harvesting." All I mean by that is that I set the pot within easy reach of the my cats. When the kitties had nibbled down the first pot, I just switched them out. New tall cat grass inside, and the other pot goes back out so it can get plenty of light and continue to grow. Whether you have a big garden or just a few containers on the back porch, you can grow cat grass for you feline friends. You can even grow it indoors if you have a window that gets plenty of sun. One thing I want to do different this year is plant the cat grass in a larger, more shallow container, that way my cats can roll around in it if they want.