A man in Naples, Florida wrote a waitress a $6,600 check as a tip to help pay for her tuition at Florida Gulf University. Once news broke of his generosity, he found out that the waitress wasn't actually enrolled in any classes. After finding out about her lie, the man canceled the check. He claims, "I have no time for people who dont tell the truth, that have no integrity. At this point, she's lost all credibility with me," according to ABC 7. The waitress insists that she was enrolled in online classes and that she never wanted the money.
Who do you think is wrong in this situation?


This is a weird story, and I wish I knew a little more about it. I'm curious as to what kind of restaurant this took place in. I'm wondering if the woman was a cutie and he was trying to pick her up. I wish I knew more about his intentions and whether or not they were good-natured or creepy. Regardless, with the information I have now, while I think the lines of immorality are blurred here, I think cancelling the tip was the wrong thing to do. A tip is gratuity for a service, essentially a gift. It's also NOT conditional. You can't tell someone what to do their income. If he was so dead-set on this young woman using the money for school, there are ways to gift money specifically FOR education. He left a TIP. A great tip, but a tip nonetheless. Once he left it, it's out of his hands. I say shame on him for cancelling it.


 I feel like the man who left the tip is in the wrong for cancelling the check. By definition, a tip is essentially a gift - a way of saying "Thank you for great service." Regardless of how he thought she should spend that money, once he gave it to her, it was hers to do with as she saw fit. Besides, who leaves a $6,600 tip anyway?!?!


I still think that the only person who did anything wrong in this situation is the waitress. She received that money based on a lie, in my opinion. If she didn't actually go to school, & she knew that she was getting that money to help pay for school, she should have come clean, or at least not accepted it. I know that this was technically considered a tip, but I think the man had every right to cancel that check once he found out that the girl wasn't being honest.