Any one who has ever worked in retail has succumb to the hours and hours of really boring training videos. If you've never seen one of these training videos you should definitely watch this and if you have ever had to sit through one, you'll appreciate that it wasn't this one!

Several years ago, I worked in retail. In fact I've worked for 2 of the largest mass retail chains in the country. That's actually how I "got my start" in radio broadcasting. I had to make PA announcements about the sales going on in the shoe department, and people would stop and stare at me while I did them. More times than I can count I was told, "You have a really great voice. You should be on the radio." After hearing that again and again, and not having a real "life plan" for myself yet, I enrolled in the Radio/Television Broadcasting Program at Wabash Valley College in Mount Carmel, Illinois. Yep! I was going to be in radio... and here I am!

I'm getting off subject, though. Back in my retail days, during the training phase, I was subjected to countless training videos. You know the ones... The company philosophies. The anti-sexual harassment policies. The proper way to retrieve merchandise from high places. How to be friendly with the customers - Don't forget the 10ft rule! *Sigh* Yeah. Those are the ones... Luckily, none of them were as bad as this video from Pier One about engaging customers to make a sale. They literally rap the entire training video!

Yeah! Come on! Pier One in the house, Ya'll!

Hey. I couldn't make this stuff up. In fact after watching this, knowing that it's from the 90's, I feel like we need a "Where Are They Know" segment!