If skydiving is on your bucket list, this video may have you re-thinking the idea.

Introduced only as "Laverne" in the beginning of the video, the geriatric daredevil had decided to celebrate her 80th birthday with a skydive, an event she had set her mind to a decade before according to Britain's Daily Mail.

Laverne appears to be in high spirits about the experience all the way up to the point of stepping into the doorway of the plane as it flies thousands of feet above the ground. Then her nerves kick in and it appears as if she has a change of heart just as it's time make the jump. It appears as if she's saying, "No," but with the noise of the plane and the wind blowing in, her instructor can't hear her (although I would think her attempting to push herself back into the plane would have been some sort of clue).

The instructor finally overpowers poor Laverne and the two come spilling out of the plane. That's when things go from bad to holy-crap-this-woman-may-plummet-to-her-death. It seems that as Laverne struggled, the harness that keeps her secured to the instructor came loose, slipping just under her knees. In a panic, the instructor grabs a hold of Laverne's ankles as the cameraman comes over to try and assist.

Fortunately, the two land safely on the ground with nothing more than the living bejeezus scared out of them. If Laverne was looking for a memory that would last the rest of her life, she certainly got it.

(FYI: For whatever reason, "I Choose" from The Offspring plays in the background through the entire video and does contain one or two "f-bombs"...consider yourself warned)