77 year old Lynn Bedford was pulled over for speeding, and then things got bad. Rob thinks while the officer could have been nicer, that the officer handled the incident appropriately. I think that had he been a little less militant, the whole thing would have ended a lot different. Check out the video of the entire melee.

Basically, the elderly woman had a bladder infection & needed to use the restroom. That's why she was clocked at 66 mph in a 50 mph speed zone. When the officer approached the vehicle, she tries to explain why she was speeding, and the officer isn't hearing it. He demands Lynn's license & she asks that he allow her to explain. He does not. There is a bit of an argument, at which time the officer demands that she exit the vehicle. When she refuses, he pulls her from the vehicle by the arm, tossing her to the ground before handcuffing her. Watch the video & leave a comment with your thoughts! Was he too rough? Did she deserve this treatment? Speak your mind!