I think all eyes and ears are tuned into Watertown, Massachusetts today. I know that ours certainly are. Take a look at some photos out of Watertown and Boston that have been shared on Twitter.

We've been covering the on-going events out of Boston and Watertown, Massachusetts today. One suspect was killed, the other suspect is still at large,and a manhunt is now underway in Watertown, resulting in lockdowns across both Watertown and Boston - No open business, no air travel, no public transportation - everyone is being ordered to stay indoors.

Police helicopter circling around during this massive #manhunt #watertown #mitshooting #bostonbombing

Twitter @MunKYBoii

View from my parent's front porch... #Watertown

Twitter @SophieFlack

THOUSANDS of Law Enforcement personnel arriving in Watertown and surrounding areas

Twitter @Breaking911

Police searching our building. They just came in our apt #watertown

Twitter @falonland

Little action here. Crowd of media/spectators keeps growing. Can't see much new police action down the street

Twitter @WesleyLowery

View from my house...crazy #watertown

Twitter @shawna_england

SWAT coming door to door. About to search my House. #watertown #bostonstrong

Twitter @barrygagne

NH state police armored truck arrives with convoy of troopers @bostonherald #watertown

Twitter @DaveWedge

Mounting up #manhunt #watertown

Twitter @MunKYBoii

#watertown residents be patient with the ongoing investigations please

Twitter @feyzaburak

Military personnel behinds cars with guns at the ready #watertown #manhunt

Twitter @MunKYBoii

Lookin for everything. Heavily armed and going door to door #watertown #bostonstrong

Twitter @barrygagne