Alcohol... a traditional mainstay for celebrations. However, we have all been to those kinds of events: way too much alcohol, then all the nonsense starts! Ending the evening as what should be the happiest day of most couples lives into nothing more then a fiasco. Thanks to intoxicated rowdy guests, in-laws getting into a fight, and before you know it, someone is dancing around naked! Unfortunately, I have seen this way too many times. I think it is acceptable to have alcohol at a wedding reception, but there has to be a little control. Most venues require you have a licensed bartender, which is good. They can card for under age drinkers, the can also monitor when someone is getting a bit out of control. What I always suggest, is when buying and providing alcohol, is to limit how much is on hand. When it's gone, then it's gone.  It won't control those who can't control

themselves, but it will regulate and hopefully defuse the situation for the most part. Also, if you know someone whose 'inhibitions' or 'rowdy' side is enhanced by alcohol, you might want to rethink inviting them. Or sit them down and have a serious talk with them, for this is your day and you want it to be memorable, but not for the wrong reasons!

Catering is a big part of the wedding. Have you ever been to an event and the food was horrible, or simply just not enough? Or been to a wedding that you waited for a few hours for the wedding party to show up, and everyone is starving and complaining? I have! Most brides and grooms take their photos after the ceremony, so that leaves a spans of time that guests are arriving at the reception hall and waiting. A must is some sort of appetizers, whether it be finger foods, fruit, veggies or just snack items, something for guests to have while they wait for your grand entrance!

Finding a good caterer can be a difficult task sometimes. Of course word of mouth from family and friends, may lead you into the right direction. But also think of this, some of your favorite restaurants may offer catering and don't advertise it a lot. So ask around and when you find someone, be sure and go over the menu completely. Ask for a tasting of the exact menu items, so if it needs to be fine tuned, so the adjustments can be brought to the caterers attention before hand. Always have at least two meat selections and three to four vegetable or side options. You will not please everyone, no matter how hard you try, so go with what you like, that is versatile yet follows your taste and over all wedding theme. I will reiterate that the reception is the part of the wedding you spend most of the time at. So to treat your guests well, have plenty of food, set down some guidelines for alcohol, but above all, have fun! Great planning is the key to any successful event. Details are very important, from the most simple of events to the most lavish!