by Carey M. Meredith
Carey'd Away Weddings

We all have been to the weddings where you just can't help but to ask 'what was the bride thinking!?' Those atrocious dresses! You know that the women/girls wearing them will NEVER wear them again, nor will they ever want to look at their photos again. Oh my! But today's styles have toned down a lot and the focus is on wearable or re-purposed fashion; it is huge for designers.

A bride always has a lot to think about when thinking of finding her dream gown, but also finding the perfect dresses for her attendants. A big trend today is letting the attendants pick out there own dresses. Give them color choices, length and let them pick out what is perfect for them. Everyone's body style, shape, weight is a big factor as well. So finding what it the most flattering, will not only make for a more memorable day, but the factor of being able to wear a beautiful dress again, that they love, is worth every penny.

In the event your having a formal affair, here is a helpful tip when choosing dresses. Shop for the separates, there are some wonderful styles out there right now. And then your attendants can wear them again for another occasion or event. Do simple styles, stay away from a lot of embellishments or sequins, instead choose dresses with clean flattering lines for a more elegant look.  Also look at styles and fabrics that can be shortened later. You can have a perfect dinner party dress after the wedding!

Something that was a discussion in my house, was what the men's attire should be? Okay, in my own opinion I think that most practical thing for the Groom and other male wedding attendants, should be a very nice suit. The investment is worth it, for every man should have a couple nice suits,  or at least one black suit. They can also have a nice sport coat to mix and match with various slacks or even jeans.

If you are going to have a more formal affair, then a tuxedo is the norm. I think also men's attire should be comfortable for them. You and your Groom-to-be, need to discuss this ahead of time. Men want to look great for this day as well, plus show off their own sense of style. And remember to make this day about what it is truly about: sharing your commitment to one another with your friends and family. Taking that vow to spend the rest of your lives together. For all the rest of the details, well they are just 'material!'

Love, blessings and Happy Weddings