These restaurants are all locally owned and have a kid-friendly atmosphere and menu, so you can treat yourself and your family and support local business at the same time.

This place is one of the highest rated Mexican restaurants in the area, with friendly and fast service, authentic and delicious dishes, and more healthy and kid-friendly options than anywhere else.

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Arguably the best pizza in Evansville, you and your kids won't have any trouble finding something everybody loves, whether you order individual 9-inch pizzas or decide to cover your entire table with a single 29-incher.


The portions are huge, and the baked ziti is to die for. Kids will love the sweeter red sauce and loads of cheese. Once you discover this cozy little place, you'll never want to bother with the mobs of people at Olive Garden again.

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The Log Inn is the definition of a family restaurant, the oldest in Indiana and once visited by Abraham Lincoln when it was still a stage coach stop. The food is simply delicious. Just be sure to include lots of people in your party to ensure quicker service.

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This hands-on dining experience is cheap and fun for all ages, although you'll probably have to help younger children stack their plates with ingredients. The owner, Charlie, is guaranteed to make you laugh.

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