I didn't realize how many totally earth rockin' events happened this year! Thanks to Google for making this inspiring video and reminding how 2012 had a lot of tragic events, but it also had some pretty incredible events as well. This video focuses on the good.



I have taken the liberty of making my own list of some local events! (If I missed any let me know!)

  • We said our final goodbyes to Roberts Stadium
  • The Evansville Icemen were officially accepted as a part of the ECHL
  • I-69 officially opened
  • We had an amazing young man change people's perspectives on childhood cancer, and the power of social media Lane Goodwin.
  • Evansville turned 200!
  • Evansville enacted a smoking ban.
  • Melissa Awesome became your Night Show Host on KISS FM (I may be biased...).