Why is this guy even getting a tattoo?!

Not to be judgmental, but I feel like it is common sense that being tattooed is a painful process. Therefore, if you aren't the type of person that can mentally get yourself through an extended period of discomfort, maybe getting a giant tattoo isn't for you.

Apparently this thought process didn't go through this kid's mind. For his 18th birthday, he chose to get a tattoo on his upper arm. Sounds cool, right? Not when you spend the entire time not only crying, but screaming insults at your tattoo artist. This kid absolutely loses his mind!

On a brighter note, props to the tattoo artist for keeping his composure through the entire session! The whole time this kid is taking all of his anger out on the artist, he simply remains calm and tries to get through the session the best he can. I know I wouldn't have been able to be so nice to someone that was treating me like a slob. Not to mention, it's probably not a good idea to be so rude to someone that is in the middle of PERMANENTLY branding your body. You're practically handing him the opportunity to get his revenge. This kid is lucky he was at the hands of someone that cared about his work.

The worst part about this video, is that this kid is from Indiana. As someone not only from Indiana, but with a good amount of tattoos, I would consider this kid hilarious, but mostly an embarrassment. But I'll let you be the judge of that.