The Evansville Police Department (EPD) is currently accepting applications from people interested in joining the force. And while you'll no doubt be responsible for keeping the community safe from ne'er do-gooders such as thieves, meth labs, and drunk drivers, there will certainly be times where you'll need to keep people safe from themselves.

Thanks to local Facebook page, Evansville Watch, we common folk get a chance to stay up on speed on the latest happenings in our area, from traffic accidents causing problems on our highways and byways, to the more serious offenses like the aforementioned meth labs, or convenience store robberies. But every once in awhile, the administrators of Evansville Watch like to lighten things up a bit by posting a few of the more absurd goings-on in the tri-state. The following is a list of 17 incidents I've found that regardless of the obscurity, requires police assistance. I just hope they were able to keep a straight face.

Maybe they were cankles? (Facebook)
Who has time to stop and pee? Not this guy. (Facebook)
No, we're playing "Mustang Sally!" (Facebook)
Must be that new "Eat & Run" diet. (Facebook)
Make love, not war I always say. (Facebook)
"Does this look infected?" (Facebook)
In their defense, there's no room for a car seat on those things. (Facebook)
Coming up after "Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo", it's an all new "Suicidal Bike Riders" only on TLC (Facebook)
Do you expect her to stand and drink beer? What is this, the Stone Age? (Facebook)
"Is that a t-bone in your pocket or are, that's a t-bone." (Facebook)
Maybe the concrete is better for his back. (Facebook)
"Hey you kids, stay off my road!" (Facebook)
"I don't always swing baseball bats at cars, but when I do, I keep it classy." (Facebook)
Don't ask where he keeps his screwdriver. (Facebook)
I get the shoes and wallet, but the drink? I guess stealing makes one thirsty. (Facebook)
He new something was wrong when he started getting the munchies for Benadryl. (Facebook)