I am about to start day #13 of being a non-smoker. I've got to tell you that this is a lot harder than I would have even imagined. I haven't caved. I haven't cheated. I haven't smoked since I put them down, but boy have I caught myself wanting one!

I am using the nicotine replacement patches. Those are really helping with the nicotine cravings themselves. If you don't know what these are, they are a step-down system designed to wean a person off of nicotine. You wear them on your skin, and the nicotine is absorbed through your skin.

At this point it isn't the nicotine itself that I am wanting. I was talking to my boyfriend, Mike, earlier about how you don't realize just how many habits you have with your habit! If that doesn't make sense, let me say it this way... You don't realize just how many of your day to day activities that you have incorporated a cigarette into until you decide to quit. I eat, and I want one. I drive, and I want one. It is CRAZY just how many day to day activities I associate with smoking.

It is getting easier. I will tell you that. It really is. I have a fantastic support system. Mike has been SUPER supportive, not to mention patient! Man, has he been patient! I have my Megs, my BFF for 20 years, who also happens to be a nurse. She has been asking me to quit for several years, and to be honest, I don't want her to have to take care of me when we're older. Then there are all of the rest of my friends... Facebook has been a HUGE help in keeping me motivated. The number of people who are looking out for me is a little overwhelmimg! Almost daily someone will stop by my page and ask me how it's going. The idea that they would take time out of their day to stop and think of me is really an incredible feeling.

THANK YOU to everyone who have been cheering me on, checking in on me, and keeping me motivated!

According to my Quit N Tell App - Available in ITunes or Find it here on Facebook...

13 Days since I quit.

$75 saved by not smoking

260 the number of cigarettes that I have NOT smoked since I quit!

That new tattoo is getting closer and closer with the money that I'm saving!

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