8-year-old Laney Brown of West Reading, Pennsylvania had just one wish for what would end up being her last Christmas, to hear Christmas carols one final time. Thanks to a social media campaign on Facebook, she got her wish.

Laney was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in May of this year. After exhausting every possible treatment option, doctors determined nothing more could be done, and sent Laney home with a diagnosis of only weeks to live.

Much like the story of Lane Goodwin here in the Tri-State earlier this year, Laney's family turned to Facebook to keep friends and relatives up to date with her condition by creating the Team Laney page. As stories such as these go, the page went viral as thousands began to like and share the page as they learn of the young girl's condition.

One of the updates written by Laney's parents referenced her wish to hear Christmas carols one last time, which, thanks to the power of social media, resulted in roughly 10,000 people showing up to sing for Laney. What makes this story even more touching is that the population of the family's hometown of West Reading is approximately 4,000.

While Laney was too weak to get out of bed to actually see the caroler's, she did post the following message to the Facebook page:

(Team Laney Facebook)

Unfortunately, Laney lost her battle with cancer early Christmas morning. However, if there's anything her family can take comfort in, it's knowing that thanks to thousands of complete strangers, Laney's final wish came true.

[Source: Gawker]