Today is the first official day of summer. Also known as Summer Solstice, it is the longest day of the entire year. To celebrate I have found an awesome video for you!

When I was growing up, summer was the best! I'd spend as much time as I could in the water! There were days when I was quite certain that I was going to permanently shrivel up into a prune. There were of course the days when it was nothing more than playing in the sprinkler or if I was lucky we'd have a slip-n-slide that summer, but I have never EVER jumped off a cliff or slip-n-slided off of one either for that matter!

After watching this video, I suddenly feel as though I may have missed out on something really great. Sadly, I think I'm too old to do this now. And by too old, what I really mean is: I'm too dang scared!!! LOL